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How to Improve Employee Morale and Save Money by Going Green

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Making eco-friendly choices can benefit your business in big ways. More customers, lower overhead costs and even improved employee morale are some surprising positive outcomes that you can see when you choose to enlist Marlon Kobacker and his Sustainable Future Group. Companies of this type can help you find realistic and cost-effective ways to go green while increasing efficiency. Here are some ways that going green can both save you money and increase employee morale.

Lower Overhead

Choosing more environmentally friendly options for your basic office procedures can lower your overhead costs. Less paper printed means less paper used and transferring to a system that prioritizes electronic filing and data storage can decrease costs. Green design is also a way to save money on utilities like electricity.

Rise in Productivity

Workers who inhabit these greener office spaces aren’t only happier. According to a 2012 study from UCLA employees in an eco-friendly workspace increase their productivity by 16%. More productive employees often mean happier ones and improved productivity also benefits your bottom line as a business owner.

Emotionally Invested Employees

When employees are trained and educated in green practices, they feel good about their job and their company. This means they have an emotional stake in their work and their connection with the employer. This positive emotional interaction helps the employee feel happier with their company. The continued emotional investment of employees also means that turnover will be lower. Lower turnover means that a company won’t have to invest in training for the same position over and over again, and this means that valuable experience and institutional knowledge are kept with the company.

Better Emotional Enviornment

Transitioning to greener workspaces can have a big impact on the morale of your employees. Green office spaces are often brighter and make better use of natural light. The exposure to natural light alone can raise employee morale. Materials used in eco-friendly construction are also more pleasing to be around and to work on. Whether it’s a sustainable bamboo floor or LED lighting, these little things make a big difference in the way that an employee experiences their workspace. Employees are at work for eight hours a day, or more, and poor lighting, outdated HVAC systems and shoddy furniture can all take a toll on even the most upbeat employee.

Healthier Employees are Happier … And Less Expensive!

Making money saving green changes to your office space and procedures can make employees happier, but it can also make them healthier. It’s not only the change in the office environment that can boost employee’s health. Encouraging employees to eat healthier by providing healthy snacks at meetings, instead of bagels, and encouraging employees to take public transportation when possible can impact your bottom line and their health. Healthier employees take fewer sick days, and they are less expensive to insure. Even if only a few of your employees make healthy changes to their lifestyle after being inspired by workplace initiatives, you’ll still see some monetary benefits.

All in all, just a few changes to your business can have big impacts on your employees and your overhead costs. If you’re not ready to jump in whole hog and built out a completely redesigned office space, try to concentrate on a few employee centered changes. Don’t forget to ask your employees for their input too. Employees on the ground often have a better idea where the waste is and how to fix it, so ask and listen to them. This also raises their work-based self-esteem and is yet another way to build morale.

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