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The Economics of Employee Motivation In Light Of Economic Recession

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The studies around motivation and employee satisfaction have become a matter of intense interest across different fields of study. As the economic environment swings through sessions that are unpredictable, organizations have continued to suffer the loss of a big part of their employees who are either attracted to other organizations that offer better perks or demoralized by the approach of management applied by key players in the organization. Andrew Charlton is an expert in matters economics and he shines light into this topic by highlighting some of the factors that affect employee motivation and the economics behind them.

Factors affecting employee motivation

There are several basic factors that affect how employees respond to challenges in their work place. Expert review has shown working conditions as a leading indicator and one of the reasons most workers are not motivated enough to undertake their tasks diligently. Optimizing working conditions to provide employees with a solid base upon which they can pursue their interests is one of the ways an organization can improve quality and enhance commitment to tasks. In the absence of opportunities for advancement, employees will also act indifferent and their labor will not be strictly meant to give the organization a better face. This could affect production and quality, which are variables that contribute to the economics of any business.

One of the ways companies and businesses can reap more from their employees is by offering them a schedule that does not leave them stressed, and there should also be financial rewards. Anything that seems to work in the interest of employees will definitely motivate them to offer better services and this could in turn help inject vital growth in the economics of the company.

How employee motivation contributes to the economics of an organization

Motivated employees are inspired to undertake all kinds of tasks and will be creative and willing to offer long lasting solutions. Working on joint projects requires that employees come up with solutions that are motivated by their experiences and perception of the organization. Most of the companies that record high turnover are known to have employees who are committed to their various tasks and this commitment is derived from the sense of belonging they are made to embrace whenever the company considers giving them attractive perks.

When employees are motivated they will feel directly connected to the company and it is highly likely they will commit themselves to giving the best service, which in turn builds the image of the company as being committed to offering high quality products. The market always leans towards providers whose products are designed for the consumer and this could be achieved effortlessly when the right engagement is made among employees.

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